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Preoperative assessment of depressor anguli oris to prevent myectomy failure: an anatomiecal study using high-resolution ultrasound
Vejbrink KV, Meng S, Pruidze P, Reissig L, Weninger WJ, Tzou CJ, Rodriguez-Lorenzo A
J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg (2023), 88:296-302

2022 & 23

Ultrasound guided injections for treatment of facial paralysis sequelae: a randomized study on body donors
Vejbrink KV, Rodriguez-Lorenzo A, Pruidze P, Reissig L, Weninger WJ, Tzou CJ, Jonsson L, Meng S
Plast Reconstr Surg (2023), online ahead of print

Ultrasound detection of the axillary arch as a cause of thoracic outlet syndrome: a prospective dissection-controlled cadaver study
Pruidze P, Rossmann T, Weninger JT, Didava G, Moghaddam SA, Weninger WJ, Meng S
Ultrasound Med Biol (2023), 49: 946-950

Ultrasound for the detection of the pyramidal lobe of the thyroid gland
Freilinger A, Kaserer K, Zettnig G, Pruidze P, Reissig LF, Rossmann T, Weninger WJ, Meng S
J Endocrinol Invest (2022) 45: 1201-1208

2020 & 21 

Angiosome of the ulnar nerve at the elbow: a cadaver trial using contrast-enhanced ultrasound
Rossmann T, Reissig LF, Pfisterer WK, Grisold W, Weninger WJ, Meng S
Ultrasound Med Biol (2021) 47: 3393-3402

Cubital tunnel perfusion in different postures - an anatomical investigation
Rossmann T, Heber UM, Heber S, Reissig LF, Grisold W, Weninger WJ, Meng S
Muscle Nerve (2021) 64:749-754

Ultrasound-guided injections at the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve: The inguinal ligament as a barrier
Rossmann T, Zessner-Spitzenberg J, Sandurkov C, Heber UM, Weninger WJ, Meng S.
Pain Physician (2020) 23(4):E363-E368

2016 &17

A reliable technique for US-guided perineural injection in ulnar neuropathy at the ellbow
Hamscha UM, Tinhofer I, Heber S, Grisold W, Weninger WJ, Meng S
Muscle Nerve (2017), 56:237-241

Ultrasound of the hypoglossal nerve in the neck: visualization and initial clinical experience with patients
Meng S, Reissig LF, Tzou C-HJ, Meng K, Grisold W, Weninger W
AJNR (2016), 37: 354-359

2014 & 15

Ultrasound-guided perineural injection at Guyon's Tunnel: An anatomic feasibility study
Meng S, Tinhofer I, Grisold W, Weninger WJ
Ultrasound Med Biol (2015), 41: 2119-21124

Ultrasound and anatomical correlation of the radial nerve at FROHSE'S arcade 
Meng S, Tinhofer, Weninger WJ, Grisold W
Muscle Nerve (2015), 51: 853-858

Longitudinal gliding of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel: ultrasound cadaveric evaluation of conventional and novel concepts of nerve mobilization
Meng S, Reissig L, Beikircher R, Tzou CJ, Grisold W, Weninger WJ
Arch Phys med Rehabil (2015), 96: 2207-2213

Anatomical and ultrasound correlation of the superficial branch of the radial nerve
Meng S, Tinhofer I, Weninger WJ, Grisold W
Muscle Nerve (2014), 50: 939-942