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Hirtler Lab

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Research Focus
The members of this research group address a wide range of anatomical and clinical-morphological questions. Starting from classical anatomical and histological evaluations to clinical applications, e.g. minimally invasive surgery and imaging procedures, research questions are processed by the use of state-of-the-art techniques.
Apart from stand-alone projects, the group is characterized by collaborations with a variety of partners to tackle currently relevant issues in clinical practice. Together we strive to develop and implement evidence based and patient-oriented solutions.

Main Objectives
    • Maxillofacial anatomy and surgical techniques
    • Endoscopic neuroanatomy and minimally invasive approaches
    • Arthroscopic anatomy and clinical applications
    • Biomechanical evaluation of surgical techniques in orthopaedics and trauma
    • Imaging anatomy of the locomotor system
    • Device and disease related changes in the cardiovascular system
    • Cardiac conduction system in health and disease
    • Testing of cardiovascular devices in mock-circuits
    • Establishing large area slide histology for the verification of medical imaging findings
    • Morphology of implant-tissue-interaction (Thin-ground sections)
    • Evaluation of anatomical embalming techniques
    • Medical Bio-/Implantbank Vienna

Teaching Activities
The members of this research group are involved in the organization of undergraduate (medicine, medical care) and postgraduate courses of the Medical University of Vienna and supervise diploma and PhD students.
Apart from their regular teaching assignments, they also maintain productive collaborations with other national and international universities and colleges.