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Epigenetics and RNA Biology

Groups in the research area Epigenetics and RNA Biology focus their research on:

  • the Design and Development of Programmable Chemical Probes that can bind specific RNA sequences for the selective release of fluorescent reporters or drugs within cells (Goldeck),
  • the functional consequences of RNA Editing Mechanisms (Jantsch),
  • functional and evolutionary long- and short-term Dynamics of Mobile Genetic Elements (Miller),
  • Chromatin Dynamics during the Aging process (Pusch),
  • the Biology of Mitochondrial RNA Processing enzymes (Rossmanith),
  • the Impact of RNA Modifications on RNA stability and function (Schaefer),
  • the role of HDACs in the Control of Cellular Identity (Seiser),
  • (Epi)transcriptomic changes in Inflammation and Host-Microbiome Crosstalk (Vesely/Gawish),
  • the influence of Specific RNA modifications on tRNA Structure and Function (Vilardo),
  • the Epigenetic Reprogramming of Cellular Potency in early embryogenesis and stem cell biology (Wossidlo/Arand)