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Prof. Josef Neumüller

ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Neumüller (retired)

Medical University of Vienna
Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology
Cell and Developmental Biology
Schwarzspanierstrasse 17 (B)
1090 Vienna, Austria


Formation of PLT protrusions containing microvesicles, demonstrated in an electron tomographic (ET) 3D model. In the left image, the formation of a sack, filled with microvesicles is visualized. The right image shows their delivery.
Semithin sections (300 nm thickness) were chemically fixed, dehydrated, and embedding in Epon. ET tilt series from digital projection images were performed on a Tecnai 20 transmission electron microscope equipped with an Eagle 4k bottom-mount camera by using the Xplore software (FEI Co., Eindhoven, The Netherlands). The reconstruction of tilt series was carried out using the IMOD software package (Colorado University, USA). Modeling from virtual ET slices was performed with the Amira 4.1 software (Mercury Computer Systems, (Merignac, Cedex, France).
Abbreviations: OCS: open canalicular system, DTS: dense tubular systems, α: α-granules, MV: microvesicles).

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