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2023 Epigenetic Workshop at CMUL, University of Lagos, Nigeria

What a great week at CMUL, University of Lagos. Thanks to AfricaUniNet for funding exchanges between African & Austrian research institutes and sponsoring our Epigenetic workshop! We met many amazing people! A big thank you to everybody who made our stay so special for us!

2023 PhDone! Congrats Kristeli!!

Well done Kristeli! Lots of success for your future career!

2023 Lab Outing - Ceramic Painting

2023 Field trip to Nancy - URAFPA, Université de Lorraine, France

Happy visiting our collaborator Berenice in Nancy and harvesting perch oocytes <3

2023 DevStem Regional Meeting

After a 2 year covid break - we were all happy to meet again the regional DevStem crowd and hear about all the science!


2023 Eddy receives a MSCA fellowship

Congrats Eddy! We are looking forward to have you in the lab!

see also an article about Eddy at the Africa-UniNet webpage


2022 Mark and Eddy at the 2nd Africa UniNet General Assembly in Kenia

2022 EMBO workshop "Epigenome inheritance and reprogramming in health and disease" in Split

Congrats to Kristeli for her poster prize!!


2022 Eddy and Funke visiting from Nigeria

2022 Proud Luka with his 1st place poster prize! Congrats Luka!

2022 Lab Outing - Hiking in Vienna

2021 MUW press release: EpiSperm project


The Wossidlo lab receives grant for the "EpiSperm" project as a joint initiative between MedUni Vienna and the University of Lagos in Nigeria. The grant is entitled "The epigenetics of the spermatozoa of HIV-I infected men".

"MedUni Vienna works with the University of Lagos to study side-effects of HIV treatments"

2021 Lab Outing - Disc Golf

2021 Celebrating our HACB paper

2021 Contribution to National Geographic


Image of a human blastocyst showing viral particles of HERV-K (GAG, green) all over the embryo and concentrated in the inner cell mass (POU5F1, red)

Link to Article

2021 Celebrating Kalinas Graduation

2020 Good-bye Bérénice at the Danube Nationalpark Donauauen

2020 MUW press release: Publication


The Wossidlo group in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology at the Medical University of Vienna, in cooperation with Stanford University, has identified the role of a factor in early embryonic development.

"MedUniWien Press Release"

2019 A foggy Lab Outing at the "Himmel" Vienna

2019 Vienna "Eistraum" with the Latos Lab

2018 Christmas-Curling with the Latos Lab