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Wolfgang Miller

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Research Focus
Host – Symbiont Interactions, Symbiosis Research in Evolutionary Biology

Main Objectives
Functional and evolutionary long & short-term dynamics of mobile genetic elements and endosymbiotic bacteria such as Wolbachia in different eukaryotic host systems.

  1. Nuclear Symbionts (Transposons)
  2. Microbial Symbionts (Wolbachia)

Main Scientific Questions

  • What are the impacts of symbionts on sexual host behavior and other life history traits?
  • What are the epigenetic mechanisms that modulate symbiotic interactions?
  • What are the impacts of Wolbachia on insect host speciation?
  • Is symbiosis a common driving force in organismic evolution?

Wolbachia bacteria (RED) in the larval brain of a neotropical Drosophila host